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Custom Cash Envelopes

Custom Cash Envelopes

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  • Approximate Dimensions: 6"x3.5". Tab area 3.8"
  • Tab 1" width 
  • Tabs may not be removed.
  • Envelopes are pre-punched 
  • 6 Ring hole punch (fits a personal size planner/binder)

Customized Envelopes 

  • Please enter your categories in the order you would like the tabs to be in:     (for example)  1. GROCERIES 2. HOUSEHOLD 3.FOOD 4. GAS 5. CHRISTMAS 6. MISCELLANEOUS 
  • All words will be capitalized
  • The cash envelopes will be exactly how you spell out and the tabs will be be abbreviated to the best of my ability in order to fit the tabs.  If you would like your tabs to come blank please leave me a note.
  • Vinyl comes off when peeled off. Otherwise it won't easily come off.
  • Please be careful with where cash envelopes are placed to prevent peeling.

Non Customized Envelopes:

  • Non customized envelopes will come blank, allowing you to personalize them to your liking. 

Additional Details:

  • Due to the nature of the cash envelope making they can only be sold in sets of 6 or 12
  • You will receive 6 FREE Budget sheets with with each set of 6 cash envelopes
  • Cash Envelopes cannot be sold individually
  • Due to the nature and time making of cash envelopes Prices may be subject to change without notice
  • Avoid placing envelopes loosely in purses, bags, near keys, etc to prevent scratches & peeling of the vinyl
  • Avoid placing objects on top of your cash envelopes
  • Place envelopes in a wallet, binder, cello bag, etc to prevent wear and tear

Refunds not provided:

  • Due to the nature and time making cash envelopes refunds will not be provided. If you have issues with your products please email for further assistance. 

Thank you for taking the time to read carefully through the product details. The smoother the process is for making these cash envelopes, the longer they can stay in the shop.